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Commissioners:                                                  Term:

Phil Crawford - Chairman                                    05/25/2022 - 09/14/2024

Rick King - Vice-Chairman                                    09/15/2022 - 09/14/2026

Louie King - Treasurer                                          09/15/2021 - 09/14/2025

Eddie Kern - Secretary                                          09/15/2023 - 09/14/2027

Jessica Kern - Commissioner                               09/15/2023 - 09/14/2027


Meeting of the Board of Commissioners is monthly on the third Wednesday at 9:00AM. Meetings are held at the office and are open to the public.

Public Service Commission website


Night deposit box is available for your convenience.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Please report any suspected water leaks to the office.

In case of an emergency after hours please call 606-735-3513

Follow the prompts to leave a message and a member of our staff will return your call.

We have been receiving calls regarding the chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio.  Our water supply is from an aquifer and is not under the influence of the Ohio River.  Bracken County Water purchases water from the Augusta Regional Water Treatment Plant.  We have been in contact with Augusta Treatment Plant manager, and our contact at the Division of Water.  Currently there are no additional testing requirements for the treatment plant.  We understand the concern and would like to assure you that if the guidelines from the Division of Water change, we will adhere to those changes and perform the tests that are required.  We will update our customers with any new developments.   Questions may be directed to or at Division of Water central office at 502-564-3410

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