Leak Adjustment Information

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

A leak adjustment is available to our customers who experience and repair a water leak.

An adjustment is done to reduce the cost of a high water bill that is the result of a leak after it has been repaired.

Certain conditions apply:

1) The leak has to be repaired before an adjustment can be calculated.

2) Receipts must be available upon request.

3) The adjustment is based off of your average water use over a 12 month period.

4) You must sign a customer assistance request form acknowledging you have had a leak, have repaired the leak, and understand you are only subject to one leak adjustment in a twelve month period, regardless of future leaks within that period.

5) An adjustment is only done for one bill in a twelve month billing period. Meters are read the first part of each month, if the leak is repaired within a few days of regular meter reading, the adjustment will likely occur on the bill for that usage period. If the leak was repaired closer to the next regular meter reading period, a meter reading must be collected to determine which billing cycle holds the majority of the leak usage. Whichever of the two billing cycles holds majority of the leak usage is the one that is subject to an adjustment.

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Bracken County Water District Division I & II gives notice that its adopted budget for FY2022, financial statements, and most recent audit or attestation engagement reports are available for examination by the public at its offices located at 1324 Brooksville Germantown Road, Brooksville, Kentucky weekdays during normal business hours.  These documents may also be viewed at the Department of Local Government’s Special Purpose Governmental Entity Public Portal at https://kydlgweb.ky.gov/


Bracken County Water District annual water quality report is available.  This report contains important information about your drinking water. Please go to www.krwa.org/ccr/brackenco.pdf to view the current annual water quality report or to request a paper copy call 606-735-3513.

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